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Do you have a single item or multiple items in your Investment Portfolio?

Over 60% of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck

Your Investment Portfolio consists of more than just your employer’s retirement plan. A portfolio is multiple items that contain securities (stocks, mutual funds, etc.) wealth and/or other wealth (insurance, real estate, LLCs, etc.). Let’s begin by developing your current portfolio.

Investing is a process, and like all other processes, it will take time to grow. On the long term, a profiting investment portfolio creates a steady stream of passive income and allows you to face life’s challenge or pursue your dream with more emotional security.

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Social Security

Social Security

Social Security alone won’t do it.

The retirement dream sounds nice and all, but… did you know that Social Security benefits only equals to 40% of pre-retirement earning?

You might have learned that social security benefits are calculated according to a median, not average, number. A median is the middle number in a sorted list of numbers (either ascending or descending in size) used in statistical studies. But is that what you wished for and understood all these years?



Investment creates your own bottom line.

Modern Americans are vulnerable to money. And let’s admit it: anybody could lose their job the day they wake up. All it takes is for a company’s decision maker to consider a position to no longer make sense; and just like that, the years of effort you’ve put in are over. It is not your boss’ fault. Neither is it the company, or the corporate world’s fault.

From a business perspective, when something no longer makes sense, it needs to be disposed of. So, now you are back to the job-hunting trail. If you had a 401(k), now is probably not the time to touch it if you are still serious about saving up for retirement.



The longer you wait, the more you will need.

Do the simple math for yourself. Create an estimate for your retirement. Think about the actual dollar amount it may need for you to reach the goals (i.e., extensive travel, funding higher education, second home, airplane, boat, and so on.) Now think about how much you can save each month, if you start right now.

Here is an example of waiting 7 years to start investing based on investing $150 per month at an annual rate of return of 6% over a period of 20 years.

  • Invest for the first 7 years and nothing during years 8-20 will be…...$62,547. 
  • If you wait 7 years before investing and only in years 8-20 will give you….$36,027.
  • Waiting those 7 years could cost almost $25,000. Yes, Twenty-five Thousand Dollars!