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Personal Services

Personal Services

Personalized Advisory Planning

100% personalized solution based ONLY on your value and desire. We, you and us, will plan based on specific areas, such as: Existing Situation (Debt & Assets),  Cash Flow, Financial Goals, Time Horizon, Tax Strategies, Employee Benefits Review, Risk Management and Estate Planning Services.

6-Month Planning Oversight

We will meet with you each month by either video conference or in person for 90-minutes. We will review our baseline of goals established in the initial meeting and plan on how to execute the following months.

Investment Management

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Incremental Life Planning

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Personal Financial Planning

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Asset Management

Asset Management

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Models are based on your Risk Tolerance Score. The models are constructed primarily of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or Mutual Funds in order to optimize the risk with the intent of the investment strategy.

Management Fees

The fees are defined as tiered. Regardless of the value of the assets managed per account, everyone will have the same structure.

Our financial planners can help you with three key functions.


 We help identify life goals and the correspondent financial goals. We them in five-year increments to help you prioritize short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals. These goals can overlap with the 5-year increments at the same time.


We provide you with an instrument to help create a customized plan for each goal. Together we will build a map that you can save up in a faster, safer, and more sustainable fashion. Why wouldn’t you?

Periodic Analysis

 Have you heard of the term “the outsider knows something different?” That’s where we come. We will be your personal financial planner and advisor. We will help you organize your numbers and discuss realistic timelines for your specific roadmap.